Freelance Model Tips by Kaitlin Chapple – FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Freelance Model Tips by Kaitlin Chapple – FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Kaitlin Chapple is a professional freelance model based in Toronto, Canada. Read her latest advice on how to make a good first impression!

As a professional model, or any type of performing artist, how you represent yourself is extremely important. While a positive social media persona and good email etiquette are equally essential, I will save that for their own blog post! Today I am going to talk about how to make a good impression in person.

Here are my TOP FIVE tips for making a positive first impression

1. Introduce Yourself

Whether you are meeting with a potential client, or saying hello to your MUA for the day, always introduce yourself with a handshake and a smile! Look people in the eye, and remember their name!

2. Look the Part

It’s important to always present yourself in a positive manner. If you’re showing up to a job, always look fresh, put-together, and ready to work. And if you’re mingling or networking at an event, remember that you are representing yourself as an artist and should be polished and professional.

3. Keep the Conversation Positive

When meeting an industry contact for the first time, keep all of the conversation positive. Regardless of what might be going on in your personal life or how you are feeling that day, have a good attitude! You will get hired over and over again if you are kind, friendly, and easy to work with.

4. Be Prepared

You always want to make an impression of being organized and thoughtful. If you are attending a casting or a job, bring what was asked of you. Show everyone that you took the time to prepare and that you care about what you’re doing.

5. Leave Them With Something

Even though you may have already connected with these new contacts on social media, there is still something very personal and professional about leaving them with a business card. Carry cards with you to every casting, job, and networking opportunity. Give them something to remember you by!

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Photos by Pierus, Hannah Jor, Adrian Holmes

Photos by Pierus, Hannah Jor, Adrian Holmes

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