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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free forever?

It sure is! We believe that money shouldn't get in the way of your creative dreams. The FREE plan lets you showcase your best photos, save time on social media, and build a creative team. As PORTFORA becomes more useful and time-saving for you, you can upgrade to our PLUS or PRO plans to get more features. All members start on the PRO plan, free for 30 days.

Do you offer a student discount on the paid plans?

We sure do! Students are the new breed of talent shaping the future of fashion and photography. Create your FREE portfolio and drop us a message with your details, and we'll upgrade you to a PRO account for free. The discount even lasts for a full year after you graduate, giving you plenty of time to get your career off the ground.

Can anyone join?

We invite applications from anyone, anywhere, whether an experienced fashion professional, or an emerging new talent. At this moment we're carefully curating membership, to ensure all members have exceptional portfolios.

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